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Breast Cancer Awareness Pens

As the company that introduced American consumers to fine point writing, Pilot Pen has remained dedicated to producing superlative instruments to meet the needs of every generation. Now, in keeping with the company's long standing tradition of reaching out to their consumers, Pilot Pen has become an official supporter and innovative ally of the American Breast Cancer Foundation. The company's original commitment of donating approximately 10% of their nationwide sales of products marked with the highly recognizable "pink ribbon" has been extended from the end of 2011 to December 31, 2015 with up to $100,000 going to support Breast Cancer Awareness. In addition to launching new consumer-engaging social media campaigns, Pilot has added ribbon logos to their BeGreen line of recycled products as well as their armed forces-specific Camo Ball Point Pens. The Pilot Pink Ribbon line of great pens for a greater cause will continue to feature the popular G2 pen, FriXion erasable highlighter and the Dr. Grip Center of Gravity pens as well as the company's latest PureWhite and FullBlack editions.